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Need help? Below are a few of our support resources. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

What profiles are currently available within the Roland Profile Center?

Initially customers will only be able to download profiles for ECO-SOL MAX 3. In the future the service will be extended to offer profiles from media manufacturers and RIP software providers across the other Roland DG inks.

How can I download a profile from the Roland Profile Center and import it into VersaWorks®?

The steps for downloading and importing a profile are quick and easy. Users simply select the Printer, RIP and desired Media. The available profiles are displayed for download. After downloading you can then import your VersaWorks profiles in the normal way. Read the user manual below on how to import profiles from the Roland Profile Center into VersaWorks.

How do I request that a new profile be added to the Roland Profile Center?

Can’t find the profile you’re looking for? Please contact us and we’ll let the manufacturer know that you’re in need of a profile for that particular media.

Please note that Roland DG cannot guarantee that the request will be actioned, nor can specific updates be provided on the progress of media profile development. Users should check back periodically to see whether the new profile has been added to the Roland Profile Center.

If you currently have a profile for ECO-SOL MAX or ECO-SOL MAX 2 and are looking for an equivalent profile for ECO-SOL MAX 3 then users can make use of a clever converter tool within the Roland Profile Center. Select “Profile Conversion” from the left hand menu and you can convert your existing profiles to work optimally with ECO-SOL MAX 3.

Users are encouraged to test any profiles that have been converted before printing to ensure satisfaction. Roland is not able to warrant any converted profiles.

My printer isn’t listed. Where are the profiles for my printer?

The Roland Profile Center only lists profiles for current and recently discontinued Roland printers. If your printer is not listed then it’s possible that it is not a current device or no profiles have been created for that printer yet.

Does Roland offer a guarantee on the profiles for the media listed in the Roland Profile Center?

Many of the media profiles posted within the profile center will be supplied by media manufacturers other than Roland. Because Roland can only test, endorse and guarantee its own profiles, users are encouraged to test any profiles selected from the website before printing to ensure satisfaction. Roland will not warranty media other than Roland-branded media.

Will the profiles available from the Roland Profile Center include different modes?

One of the benefits of using the Roland Profile Center is that each print mode for a profile is listed separately (i.e. 540x720, 720x720, 1440x1440, etc.). Upon download the user will still have access to the other print modes for that media profile in VersaWorks regardless of whether they have downloaded a single print mode or multiple.

I cannot see my converted profiles within “My Profiles”.

Only profiles listed within the Roland Profile Center will be shown in “My Profiles”. If you need to access a converted profile, please go to the “Profile Conversion” tool and reconvert the profile.

I’m having a technical issue. Whom should I contact?

We recommend you review this Troubleshooting Guide to help diagnose your issue. If you’re still having problems, please contact us.

User manual

Download Print Roland Profile Center - User Manual English rev 1.0.pdf 2.76 MB